April 12, 2021

Clare Willetts, Mum, Founder, Not Only Pink and Blue In Conversation with Edx Education

Episode - 27-  Heather Welch, Edx Education, today we will be in conversation with Clare Willetts.

Clare, Mum, Founder of Not Only Pink and Blue is passionate about making the world more neutral for colours, boys and girls.

Today we are chatting to Clare about trends in children’s toys, books and clothing, how it benefits a child’s development and your inspiration for starting the company…

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:09} Clare's passion for creating a more colourful and gender-neutral  world
{3:43} What makes Clare wake up and smile each day
{6:00} What makes a toy gender-biased
{12:22} How society's views on girls and boys toys, books, and clothes have changed over the last few years
{20:11} How boys and girls are split in most schools for sport
{24:06} Claire's most memorable parenting moment of  the last year

#genderneutral #boystoys #girlstoys #genderbias

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