November 8, 2021

Dr Karin Jakubowski, Educator, Empowerment Coach, Founder, Educational Impact Academy (USA)

Episode 40: Heather Welch, Edx Education today we will be in conversation Dr Karin Jakubowski Educator, Empowerment Coach, Founder, Educational Impact Academy.

Dr. Jakubowski believes in connection before correction using mindfulness strategies with her students.  Helping kids live to be happier, healthier everyday. She has touched the lives of thousands of families in multiple states with her ability to connect and help kids experience success from challenging behaviors.

With a doctorate in Educational Leadership, and nearly 20 years of experience in education she has been referred to as an educational game-changer.

Today we will be chatting about, the challenges of being an educator with all the changes in the last 12-18months, Problem-Solving with Kids Behaviors, Connecting With the Kids.

Here are the highlights:

{2:16} Good teachers have a positive impact on us

{6:18} What's up with that?

{11:49} Giving children the space to self-regulate

{17:28} Connection before correction

{22:02} Life is instantaneous

{27:37} We don't have to wait around any more

{30:47} Give our kids the tools they need


#mindfulness #edxeducation #learningthroughplay 

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