May 17, 2021

Eric Gibbs, President, Ouriginal, In Conversation with Edx Education (Canada)

Episode 32- Heather Welch from Edx Education and today we will be in conversation with  Eric Gibbs

 Eric Gibbs  President for Ouriginal, safeguarding their academic integrity initiatives. Before joining Ouriginal, Eric high-growth educational technology leadership roles

 Eric is an accomplished business executive with over 20 years of experience in the education technology industry. He has helped provide text originality assessment services to over 7,700 organizations in over 80 countries. Which we will chat about today…

Today we are chatting to Eric about Ouriginal, technology, trends and whats happening in education around the world.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:25} Introduction to Eric
{2:29} How Ouriginal began
{5:38} How the language detection works when a language doesn't fully translate into English
{7:03} How Ouriginal helps schools, colleges, universities as well as Corporations
{9:45} The surge in plagiarism
{11:42} How Ouriginal is different from other academic integrity tools on the market
{19:13} The threshold for an article to be considered to be plagiarised
{25:54} The biggest changes Eric has seen in the world of technology in his 20 year career

#educationforall #education #edxeducation 

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