Episode 51:

Heather Welch from Edx Education will be in Conversation with Dr. Matthew Courtney, Educator, Researcher, and Policy Maker

Matthew specializes in using data and research to support schools and teachers as they work to improve teaching and learning. His vision is to provide high quality, evidence-informed education for every child in every classroom. He will explain this in more detail for our listeners.

Today we are chatting with Matthew about the importance of data in education, trends and what’s his next adventure.


Here are the highlights:

(04:45) A shift towards data-driven decision-making

(08:15) Identifying and responding to societal barriers

(11:28) Helping teachers to make meaningful changes

(14:28) Front-loading the work

(18:35) Data hesitant teachers

(23:06) A step-by-step guide for teachers


#education #edxeducation #teachers #parents #schools

Episode 50: Brantley Turner, Education Management Expert, Currently Principal, American International school Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School, In Conversation with Edx Education

Brantley is recognised for her pioneering work with East-West school leadership and impeccable Chinese communication skills. A pending Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in International Business with a specialization in Higher Education from International School of Management.

Today we are chatting with Brantley about her adventures working in Asia, global citizens and trauma informed teaching in international context.


Highlights from this episode:

(02:55) Beginning my path of discovery in China

(06:44) A very Anglo-Franco anchored curriculum

(12:51) Learning t engage with diversity

(15:58) We must innovate to create value

(17:52) Teaching by standing in someone else's shoes

(23:54) The long-lasting ramifications of Covid

(29:36) Parenting the parents


#internationalschool #teachers #education #edxeducation

Episode 49: Heather Welch from Edx Education today we will be in Conversation with Dawn Rigby, Author, Early years teacher, lecturer,

Dawn Is an educator passionate about early years children’s growth and development.  Her recent book with Debra Hastings is Making play work in early years settings, tales from the sand pit.

She believes that young children need a special environment in which to grow and deserve to have practitioners who are inspiring, dynamic, reflective and passionate about their learning. In a positive environment children thrive and grow, adopting positive attitudes to learning and the primary way to support this is through inspiring and motivating those who teach them.

Today we are chatting with Dawn about her latest book, passion for play and trends in the early years setting.

Highlights from this episode:

(04:04) Children are really innovative

(11:35) Tales from the Sand

(15:37) More choice and less instruction

(20:56) Children's needs change constantly

(25:45) Realistic expectation setting

(28:00) Children have an innate drive to play

(32:54) The key to teaching is listening to the children

(36:00) Future projects


#talesfromasandpit #edxeducation #earlyyears 

Esp 48 - Jill Carter Psychotherapist, founder of Sand Play, Creative Arts & Trauma Training in Conversation with Heather Welch Edx Education

We all love to play and to me sand play sounds like a lot of fun, however for Jill it is a lot more than just fun. Jill Carter is a pioneer of Integrative and Trauma-Informed Sandplay® and Art. Her courses integrate traditional talking therapies with creative media such as sandplay, art, meditation, music and movement. 

Today we are chatting with Jill about the benefits of sandplay and creative arts, what this means, why it is important and her adventure in pioneering this form of therapy.


Highlights from this episode:

(02:06) A different kind of therapy

(05:10) Jill Carter Sandplay Training

(08:48) Losing touch with traditional elements of play

(11:09) More is not always better

(14:02) Becoming more informed about trauma

(17:44) Helping people look after themselves



#jillcarter #sandplay #learningthroughplay #edxeducation



Episode 47 - Heather Welch, Edx Education  in Conversation with Tressa Pankovits, Co- Director of Re-inventing America’s Schools

Tressa is a lawyer in domestic and international education policy, management, and operations.  A national thought leader and passionate advocate for autonomous school models.

Today we are chatting with Tressa about the benefits of  a 21st century education model, tends educational policy change, what needs to change and how they are going about it.


Here are the highlights: 

(02:44) The difference between charter schools and regular government schools 

(08:20) Where they originated and what happens when they don’t perform 

(11:26) How charter schools can benefit disadvantaged communities 

(18:36) Working as a teacher in a charter school 

(21:39) How they operated in the pandemic 

(24:48) Society’s attitude towards charter schools and what needs to change 

(26:58) The work being done to improve children’s health during the pandemic 

(29:12) How to find out more about innovative schools and get involved 


#education #innovation #teachers 

Episode 46- Heather Welch, Edx Education today we will be in conversation Euan Wilmshurst – Head of Advocacy and Communication The Lego Foundation

Euan is part of Foundation’s senior leadership team, responsible for advocacy, communication and strategic partnerships across the organisation, building a future in which learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners on a global scale.

Today we are chatting with Euan on learning through play, importance and barriers of play based learning around the globe.


Here are the highlights from this episode:

(01:14) Euan’s and Lego’s passion for play-based learning 

(03:11) Children’s learning throughout the pandemic and how it inspired ‘play.com’ 

(05:41) The barriers for play-based learning in today’s world 

(08:44) The children’s ‘skill-gap’ in less developed countries 

(12:23) The importance of play in adult life 

(15:42) How play-based learning can combat problems with children’s mental health 

(18:14) Countries that www.learningthroughplay.com are focussed on helping 


#legofoundation #learningthroughplay #creativitymatters


Episode 45- Heather Welch from Edx Education today we will be in conversation LaTasha Simms Education Expert and founder 3llc Consulting

LaTasha Simms has more than a decade of international education experience. She has been facilitating, designing, and developing higher education across south-east Asia. Her research interests include student needs analysis and best teaching and learning practices.

Today we are chatting with LaTasha about providing education for all and her journey for founding 3ll Consulting.

Here are the highlights:

(01:58) Leadership is in my blood

(07:04) Teaching English language in China

(13:23) Active vs Passive education

(20:44) Not enough time in a semester to master the essential skills

(24:29) "I enjoy Asian babies more"


#educationforall #edxeducation #educationexpert

Episode 44 - Heather Welch from Edx Education today we will be in conversation Christian Ulrich,  Spokesperson of the Executive Board at Spielwarenmesse, Managing Director of the agency “Die roten Reiter . He is responsible for marketing, corporate communication as well as press relations, oversees the development of new business opportunities.

The Business Administration graduate launched his career as a Consultant for the agency group Serviceplan. This was followed by positions as Advertising Manager and finally as Head of International Marketing at Fischer Group.

He joined Spielwarenmesse eG in 2007 as Director Marketing and brand management, global marketing for all trade fairs and events, and the creation of the special shows.

Christian is a marketing guru of trade show and events Today we are chatting with Christian on Future of Toys, Highlights for the Nuremberg Toy and trade events 2022. What’s next for messe?


Here are the highlights from this episode:

{2:59} The Nuremberg Toy Show

{6:40} Physical versus digital trade shows

{12:11} Finding the best materials

{16:50} Monopoly, Twister and the resurgence of board games


#toyfair #toys #nurembergtoyfair #edxeducation 

Episode 43 - Heather Welch from Edx Education today we will be in conversation, Hannah Peckham, Children’s Author, voice over `artist, Social worker founder Little Bodhi Books.

Hannah first book was Conker the Chameleon who is a little different to all the other chameleon and is desperate to fit in. He goes on a lovely journey, lots of great messages for children in the book. However Hannah has just published CLIMB her 2nd book in November which is very exciting.

Today we are chatting with Hannah about children’s mental health and well being, her journey.


Here are the highlights:

{4:35} Dealing with big emotions

{11:03} Learning to embrace our differences

{15:05} The importance of unstructured play on mental health

{18:52} The challenges of working from home



#edxeducation #playlearncreate #childrensauthor #conkerthechameleon #lovetoplay

Episode 42- Heather Welch from Edx Education today we will be in conversation

Tessia Brival, owner of Les Petits Bellots, a French-English bilingual creche in London, Author, just published a book ("Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids")

Tessia quickly learnt that parenting is the most amazing experience but can also be unbearably tough without the right support. Recognising her own need, Tessia embarked on a journey to support other mothers and enrich the lives of their children with the creation of ‘Les Petits Bellots’, a bilingual crèche that is free from the obligations that make the traditional UK childcare so inflexible and inaccessible for most parents.


Highlights from this episode:

{4:10} Studying with children

{11:03} Acknowledge your own needs as a mum

{15:11} Bilingual children have greater cognitive flexibility

{19:12} We still need time for ourselves


#edxeducation #parentingexpert #learningthroughplay #playlearncreate 

Episode 41: Heather Welch, Edx Education today we will be in conversation

Hunter Clarke-Fields, Author, mindful mama mentor.

Hunter is the creator of the Mindful Parenting course, host of the Mindful Mama podcast, and author of the bestselling book, “Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids.”

Hunter shares the new path to changing generational patterns and raising confident kids. She helps parents get their kids to listen without losing their sh*t, bringing more calm and peace into their daily lives.

Hunter is a certified mindfulness teacher with over twenty years of experience in meditation practices and has taught mindfulness to thousands worldwide. She is a mother of two active daughters, who challenge her every day!

Today we will be chatting to Hunter about, the challenges of being of parenting today, mindfulness and her book raising good humans.

Here are the highlights:

{02:34} I wanted to parent more consciously

{05:39} I needed some mindfulness practice

{07:45} Develop a habit of a practice

{16:57} Create a bigger awareness and choose what is helpful

{21:57} Practice self-compassion

{25:55} Empathy is a parenting superpower


#edxeducation #mindfulness #parentingexpert #parentingauthor

Episode 40: Heather Welch, Edx Education today we will be in conversation Dr Karin Jakubowski Educator, Empowerment Coach, Founder, Educational Impact Academy.

Dr. Jakubowski believes in connection before correction using mindfulness strategies with her students.  Helping kids live to be happier, healthier everyday. She has touched the lives of thousands of families in multiple states with her ability to connect and help kids experience success from challenging behaviors.

With a doctorate in Educational Leadership, and nearly 20 years of experience in education she has been referred to as an educational game-changer.

Today we will be chatting about, the challenges of being an educator with all the changes in the last 12-18months, Problem-Solving with Kids Behaviors, Connecting With the Kids.

Here are the highlights:

{2:16} Good teachers have a positive impact on us

{6:18} What's up with that?

{11:49} Giving children the space to self-regulate

{17:28} Connection before correction

{22:02} Life is instantaneous

{27:37} We don't have to wait around any more

{30:47} Give our kids the tools they need


#mindfulness #edxeducation #learningthroughplay 

Episode 39 - Heather Welch from Edx Education today we will be in conversation with Amanda Archer, Mum, Teacher, Researcher, Education Expert

Amanda has worked in education for 25+years as a teacher, consultant and currently researching digital language and communication.

Today we are chatting with Amanda about her current research, love of learning and communication and digital language.


Here are the highlights:

{2:45} Every child counts
{5:34} Education always changes, but some consistency is good
{9:20} Teaching social media responsibility
{14:51} We need to move away from band aid fixes 
{15:43} A more LGBTQ+ inclusion curriculum
{20:06} Girls are more negatively affected from social media than boys
{24:04} Changes to school policies around online use


#edxeducation #learningthroughplay #teacher #educationexperts #parents #communication

Episode 38: Heather Welch from Edx Education today we will be in conversation with Cyril Dowling, Author, Play expert, Sales Director Polydron,

Cyril is an accomplished author and travelled the world talking about play and learning with polydron.

Today we are chatting with about his book, Polydron which is one of our favourite educational toys , hands on &  play based learning.

Here are the highlights:

{1:23} I was encouraged to follow my dreams
{6:30} Getting into a rich vein of creative thinking
{9:53} Playing with Polydron inspired me to become an engineer
{15:37} Amazing open-ended play
{19:11} The best product ideas come from its users
{24:29} Once you unlock the secret of Polydron, you can do anything


#learningthroughplay #polydron #edxeducation #handsonlearning 


Episode 37 - Heather Welch, Edx Education we will be In Conversation with Dr Maryhan Baker Psychologist and Parenting Expert 

Dr Maryhan focuses on helping parents raise confident, resilient, happy children developing  abespoke toolkit of practical tools and strategies. She has developed many online workshops for parents, caregivers to tackle challenges like helping children manage those big emotions, supporting children who worry a lot (anxious), managing the use of technology, and boosting your children’s confidence.

Today we are chatting with Dr Maryhan about her research, an assessment tool (cognitive development questionnaire which is being used internationally, play therapy, learning through play and so much more what have you been up to?

n.b there were issues with the sound during this interview

Here are the highlights:

{4:34} Taking the research out of the lab
{7:10} Separating chronological from developmental age
{12:04} Home schooling puts a strain on adults too
{15:40} Applying the toolkit to help children understand their emotions
{20:04} The value of learning through play
{22:19} Never undervalue the importance of engaging in play with our children
{26:54} We need to meet our children at their needs


#parentingexpert #edxeducation #play #cognitiveassessment #drmaryhanbaker


Episode 36 - Heather Welch, Edx Education we will be in conversation with Drew Vernon, Marketing Director at Tonies

Drew is making learning fun and exciting through storytelling empowering children to use their imagination.

Today we are chatting with Drew about early years education, importance of storytelling, hands-on learning in the early years and so much more.

Welcome Drew it is wonderful you could join us today and talk about a subject I love which is about Play and learning or as we like to say ‘Learning through play’


Here are the highlights:

{1:24} Seeing the impact of play at LEGO
{3:40} We can give our kids tool to learn how to learn better
{4:31} The Tonies
{8:27} Being creative within set boundaries
{11:05} Starting with the vision
{14:47} Helping kids become better thinkers and better problem solvers
{18:45} Taking more active roles as parents
{21:13} Processing one piece at a time
{23:55} We get in our kids' way more than we want to admit


#edxeducation #learningthroughplay #creativekids #tonies 

Episode 35 Heather Welch from Edx Education and today we will be in conversation with Dr. Aditya Nagrath,

Dr Aditya Nagrath is the CEO and Co-Founder at Elephant Learning Math Academy. Elephant Learning was founded by two university mathematicians and based on hundreds of years of research. Which we look forward to hearing about…

Today we are chatting to Dr Aditya Nagrath about education technology, trends and what’s happening in education around the world.


Here are the highlights:

{1:47} A love of mathematics
{4:45} How Elephant Learning began
{7:40} Bridging the understanding gap
{10:02} Maths is a language
{15:42} Empowering people with maths
{19:48} Finding a method that works
{22:38} It's about understanding
{25:39} Learning through gamification


#math #elephantlearning #edxeducation #maths

Episode 34- Heather Welch Edx Education  will be in conversation with Anna Yudina, Senior Director of Marketing at the Toy Association. 

Anna is one of the driving forces behind the Genius of Play initiative an award winning program that promotes children, families well just about everyone to play. The Genius of Play movement to raise awareness of play as a crucial part of child development and encourage families to make time for play in their daily lives. The Genius of PlayTM has generated over 18 million engagements and over 2 billion impressions among its target audience.

Today we are chatting to Anna about, play based learning, value of play, the Genius of Play initiative and trends in the USA on play.


Here are the highlights: 

{1:37} About The Genius of Play 

{4:50} Bringing play back to families 

{8:15} Rediscovering the fun of unstructured play 

{11:52} Changing play habits during lockdown 

{15:12} What to look for in a good quality toy 

{20:02} The trends in 2021-2022 

{22:09} Play for adults 


#edxeducation #geniusofplay #learningthroughplay 

Episode 33: Heather Welch from Edx Education and today we will be in conversation with Cori Josias


Cori, Mum, Teacher of the deaf &  entrenpreneur she arrived in the UK 40 years ago, and stepped into the magical world of pop singing then, reinventing herself as a Teacher of the Deaf in her early 40s.

Her most recent career finds her running a thriving health and beauty business alongside her coaching business Cori Loves Life

Today we are chatting to Cori about Teacher of the deaf – Signs, importance of seeking help, impact in language development in the early years being an Entrepreneur

The highlights from this episode are: 

{2:37} From waitress to national TV 

{7:27} What triggered the career change from music to teaching the deaf? 

{12:24} Distinctions in sign language 

{15:37} Sign language vs 'iconic signs' 

{17:13} How to identify signs of hearing loss 

{21:49} Cori Loves Life 

{22:50} What is an energetic breakthrough practitioner? 

Episode 32- Heather Welch from Edx Education and today we will be in conversation with  Eric Gibbs

 Eric Gibbs  President for Ouriginal, safeguarding their academic integrity initiatives. Before joining Ouriginal, Eric high-growth educational technology leadership roles

 Eric is an accomplished business executive with over 20 years of experience in the education technology industry. He has helped provide text originality assessment services to over 7,700 organizations in over 80 countries. Which we will chat about today…

Today we are chatting to Eric about Ouriginal, technology, trends and whats happening in education around the world.

Here are the highlights from this episode:

{1:25} Introduction to Eric
{2:29} How Ouriginal began
{5:38} How the language detection works when a language doesn't fully translate into English
{7:03} How Ouriginal helps schools, colleges, universities as well as Corporations
{9:45} The surge in plagiarism
{11:42} How Ouriginal is different from other academic integrity tools on the market
{19:13} The threshold for an article to be considered to be plagiarised
{25:54} The biggest changes Eric has seen in the world of technology in his 20 year career

#educationforall #education #edxeducation 

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